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  • Your business incubator in Asia 

    We invest in international entrepreneurs to Build, Raise and Develop their company in China and South East Asia Countries


What we offer




Pre-seed and Seed funding;





Strategy Development & Feasibility Studies;





Finance, Tax, HR, Admin & Management support      and oversight; 





Follow-on fundings, M&A advisory

  • Business focus in Lifestyle*, Education and Health Industries






    Set up the B2B/B2C distribution of existing products and services or Launch new solutions and service offering

    *Food and Beverage, Apparel, Wine&Spirit, Hospitality&Travel, 

    Entertainment, Retail

  • Entrepreneurs

    with International profile






    Bridging Western know-how and Asian commercial ecosystems

  • Based in China or South East Asia






    Business operations must be located in China or South East Asia countries

  •   CRITERIA  1



    Product, Solution or Service in Lifestyle, Education and Health industries

  •   CRITERIA  2



    Business Concept Ready

  •   CRITERIA  3



    Entrepreneurs with international profile

  •   CRITERIA  4



    Based in China or South East Asia countries

Business Concept Ready






Successful entrepreneurs or talented individuals willing to:                                      

- Expand an existing business into new Asian markets                

- Or to launch a new business in Asia with a 

convincing commercial concept